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DEA defibrillator technical service
Defibrillator installations, repairs and maintenance

We offer services for defibrillators, services throughout Spain with facilities and approval of cardiosecure spaces, repair and official technical service of all brands of external defibrillators, maintenance of defibrillators, management, conservation and care of your cardioprotected space. 
Installation of public and private defibrillators

We perform homologated installations according to the regulations of each autonomous community, installation of defibrillators with all guarantees.

Technical service for defibrillators

Technical repair service for defibrillators of all brands on the market, repair service and warranty processing, SAT.

Maintenance of external defibrillators

Defibrillator maintenance service, maintenance of defibrillator with expiration control and control points.

Installers of public and private defibrillators
Services for defibrillators & cardiosecure spaces

We carry out approved installations of external defibrillators throughout Spain, we install everything necessary to comply with the regulations in force in your autonomous community, certifying defibrillator facilities.
Design of cardiosecure facilities

Design and customized installation for each space, with all the components and devices necessary to cardioprotect your company or entity

Assembly components and devices

Once the place and the necessary components to cardioprotect that space have been planned, the cabinet, the defibrillator and the connection to the 112 are assembled.

Signals for defibrillators

The signage is essential to locate the defibrillator in the shortest time possible, a correct location and signaling increases the chances of survival.


Maintenance of external defibrillators

From Proyecto Salvavidas we offer the possibility of a continuous accompaniment so that your cardioprotected space is kept at all times ready to attend any cardiac emergency, with a full maintenance of your external defibrillators. When using external defibrillators, there is no room for errors.
Consult the price of preventive maintenance of your defibrillator or cardioprotected space, provide us with the components of your cardiosecure space and the model of your defibrillator to make a budget to suit you.
Management and control
Management and control of expirations for patches and batteries of the defibrillator, change electrodes (patches) and battery for both use and expiration.

Defibrillator maintenance and calibration plans
Electro-medical equipment technical service


Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.

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