Batteries & Electrodes

Rechargeable battery for defibrillator Zoll AEDPro Lithium Ion of long duration.

Electrodes and batteries for defibrillators


Replacement of patches for adult use, long-term, for Cardiac Science G3 and G3plus defibrillators. A replacement set of electrode valid for both children and adults of the defibrillator CU Medical IPAD SP1.

Set of pediatric patches / electrodes, for use in children under 8 years and / or 25 kg of weight.

Consult the instruction manual of your defibrillator.

The maintenance of defibrillators is essential for proper maintenance, so that the expiration of their consumables, that is, the patches or electrodes and batteries, must be controlled, replacing each one when necessary.

Form to buy accessories and replacements of defibrillators

Sale of accessories and spare external defibrillators of the main brands of the market

Form for the purchase of accessories such as showcases for external defibrillators, 112 call devices, we have all models of showcases approved in Spain. If you are interested in obtaining more information about accessories, totems, columns, signage, patches or electrodes, or expiration of batteries, write us requesting an offer. We are official distributors of the main brands of accessories for cardioprotected spaces, we sell medical devices to organizations, companies and individuals. Direct sale of accessories and spare parts for external defibrillators.

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