DEA DESA defibrillator maintenance

Maintenance of automatic and semiautomatic external defibrillators, plans for the conservation of defibrillators in perfect condition for use, corrective and preventive maintenance services for cardioprotected facilities, review with software update, visual inspection and cleaning of the defibrillator, retightening and maintenance of the cabinet including signage, checking of key points of the defibrillator such as the battery and its charge level, battery expiration dates, electrode patches, etc. Technical inspections of defibrillators to guarantee perfect operation.

A well-designed cardioprotection program includes the evaluation and maintenance of your defibrillation equipment in accordance with the manufacturing standards and regulations of your Autonomous Community.

Maintenance of external defibrillators DEA / DESA

Automatic external defibrillators save lives and are easy to use, but require management and technical inspections with periodic reviews to ensure that they are always prepared and in compliance with the regulations in force in each Autonomous Community, for which the relevant maintenance marked by the manufacturer must be carried out. defibrillator. 

Am I obligated to perform maintenance on the external defibrillator?


The regulations of the Royal Decree 365 / 2009 of 20 of March, which establishes the conditions and minimum requirements for safety and quality in the use of automatic and semi-automatic external defibrillators outside the health sector, establishes: «The organizations, companies and public and private institutions that install a DESA defibrillator will be responsible for ensuring its maintenance and conservation, in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions». Even to establish sanctions if it demonstrates the lack of maintenance of the defibrillator.

In the same way, both the installation and removal of these cardioprotective equipment must be accompanied by a notification regulated by the health department (see fines and penalties for failing to maintain defibrillators).

Our automated external defibrillator maintenance plans

To guarantee your peace of mind and that of those entities or companies that have defibrillators in their facilities, from Proyecto Salvavidas we offer our two maintenance plans according to your needs:

Standard Maintenance Plan

Premium Maintenance Plan


Vehicle with which we travel to the client's company where we perform the maintenance of the defibrillator


Features of our standard defibrillator maintenance 


This maintenance plan for the defibrillator in its preventive phase includes an annual visit by our technicians for a comprehensive review of the defibrillator, components, accessories and signage. Below we detail the work carried out on a defibrillator with standard maintenance, complete revision of the defibrillator with control of key points and verification, all to ensure its perfect operation.

Verifications and visual inspections carried out during the maintenance of the defibrillator, list of control points, review and support in procedures related to your defibrillator included in the maintenance service of defibrillator:

  1. Follow-up and reports of the defibrillator status.
  2. Review of the defibrillator battery status.
  3. Checking the status and connection of electrode patches (expiration, checking that the conductive has not lost its properties, replacement if necessary ...).
  4. Checking the self-test system to work properly.
  5. Revision of the sanitary material KIT RCP. We include the spare part in case of deterioration of these consumables:
  6. Scissors cuts clothes.
  7. The razor.
  8. The gauze to dry the chest sweat or if it is wet.
  9. The mask with anti-return valve for ventilation.
  10. Automatic external defibrillator software update based on ILCOR standards (The International Liasion Committee on Resuscitation)
  11. Showcase Review:
  12. Defibrillator and showcase cleaning.
  13. Anchoring of the showcase or support.
  14. Review of opening system and alarm, light and acoustic signals.
  15. Replacement due to deterioration or breakage.
  16. Signage review, status verification and replacement in case of failure or deterioration.
  17. Review and update of the protocol poster using semiautomatic external defibrillator.
  18. Help in the management and registration of the defibrillator in the autonomous administrative register.
  19. Technical service 24h the 365 days of the year.
  20. Free Customer Service for incidents 24 hours.
  21. Liability insurance of 10 million euros.


This maintenance service in its corrective phase includes actions carried out by the use of the defibrillator or the expiration of its consumables. After a performance due to the use of the defibrillator, we will provide help and after the use of the DEA / DESA, you will never be alone with us:

Collection of the defibrillator and supply of another courtesy defibrillator, while the pertinent steps are taken.

Discharge of defibrillator events.

Preparation and sending of the clinical report as required by current regulations.

Replacement of unlimited consumables (used electrodes and batteries).

Tuning and delivery of the defibrillator.

Technical assistance service 24 hours 365 days.

Standard maintenance is ideal for those organizations that want to have a defibrillation program in perfect condition and ready to be used at any time, with our reviews your defibrillator will be always careful and in perfect conditions complying with the regulations of your autonomous community.


Our technical operator in charge of carrying out maintenance of defibrillators


 Differences between the maintenance of Standard & Premium defibrillators


During these years, we have learned together with our clients and we know that the person responsible for carrying out the Cardioprotection Program in a company (occupational risk prevention personnel, human resources, directors) wants to do everything possible to ensure that they have the possibility to save a life in your workplace. But that is not something easy to do if all you have is a pencil and paper, or even a computer and an excel spreadsheet. That is why we have launched Premium Maintenance for your organization.


The "Premium service" includes access to the integral management software SalvavidasNet


Lifeguard Project customers who have purchased "Premium Maintenance" can now log into their cardioprotection system by creating a dedicated user. Once you enter our platform, you will be able to directly access all your defibrillators with the guarantee that your defibrillation devices will be ready to be used, thus complying with current regulations.

Defibrillator management software "SalvavidasNet" to manage all your defibrillators


Online download of your maintenance and updates.

Download of audit with the technical maintenance reports made to date to each defibrillator that it has (very important to avoid sanctions by the health department).

Check the status of your defibrillator, control of electrodes and batteries.

Registration of the participants in the defibrillator course.

Unlimited download of accreditations in basic life support training and DEA.

Alerts and notifications. Sending alerts and notifications by email 90, 60 and 30 days before the expiration of the accreditation of trained personnel.


The Premium defibrillator maintenance plan ensures the success of the Cardioprotection Program in your organization. To rescue a victim from sudden cardiac arrest in your business, you will need a defibrillator that is always ready to deliver an accurate shock during the defibrillation process. It is not enough to have a defibrillator to save a life, you must ensure that the AED / DESA is in perfect working order and train staff in the use of the defibrillator.


After contracting the Premium maintenance plan, we carry out an audit at your facilities and after passing it, you will receive the issuance of the Cardioprotected Space Certificate free of charge

Our Premium defibrillator maintenance plan is the main solution for the management of Cardioprotection Programs in Spain, it allows you to comply with all regulations on defibrillators with adequate support and prepared to perform an accurate download at any time.

If you are a client of Proyecto Salvavidas, request your maintenance plan and take advantage of the discounts for belonging to our Salvavidas community.

If you would like more information about our defibrillator maintenance services, call us toll free at 900 670 112 or send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Information about our maintenance plans for external defibrillators

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