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United against

sudden death

Together we can save many more lives

The Lifeguard Project is the main cardioprotection initiative in Spain,
with more than 10.900 cardioprotected entities.

Save lifes

Rubén Campo
CEO Lifeguard Project

How is a defibrillator used?

Rubén Campo explains in Más Vale Tarde how a defibrillator is used. It is very simple, first we should call the 112, then we will perform the Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation or CPR, following the indications that the defibrillator will indicate us.

As cardioprotection is understood the installation of automatic external defibrillators in public and private spaces, the maintenance of the same, the placement of signage and showcases for its correct location, a cardioprotected space includes training in Basic Life Support and use of the defibrillator by the personnel, the adequacy and registration of the defibrillator and its use, which are required by the different regulations of the Autonomous Communities.

Fernando Torres
sponsor the #PulserasSalvavidas campaign

Fernando Torres facing the sudden death, solidary, proactive, generous and altruistic collaborator of the Lifeguard Project

Gestures and actions such as those of our beloved Fernando Torres manage to save many lives, their influence and charisma amplify the message to raise awareness among the population about the importance of installing external defibrillators in all areas of society.

Read here the Atresmedia interview with Fernando Torres

Vicente del Bosque

Join the lifeguard project.
learn CPR and have a defibrillator nearby.

Companies and institutions in solidarity with cardioprotection

Companies and entities committed to cardioprotection, companies collaborating with the SalvaVidas Project.

Solidarity and collaborating entities

Constant and Vital
the Lifeguard Project #JornadasCyV

Constantes y Vitales issues its second 3.0 Conference, related to sudden death and the use of defibrillators, live experts in an open debate answer questions


Can you help us to protect Spain?

Our Customers
cardioprotegidos spaces

Our advisory on cardioprotection offers its advisory services, installation and maintenance of external defibrillators to more than 10.900 clients.
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Free defibrillators or solidarity defibrillators
formulas for obtaining public and private defibrillators

Free defibrillators or solidarity defibrillators are initiatives of the SalvaVidas Project with which it is intended to protect public and private spaces through the solidarity of our community, municipalities, schools, companies or local associations united against sudden death. Involving our community we obtain the necessary funds to install a public or private defibrillator, be it schools or companies. Consult the Lifeguard Vending for companies and sports facilities.

Cities and companies cardio safe
Entities and companies committed against sudden death

Public and private defibrillators is an initiative of the SalvaVidas Project that aims to protect public and work spaces by installing external defibrillators in companies and populations.