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Defibrillators & Cardioprotection

All our publications of the SalvaVidas Project blog have the purpose or mission of informing, disseminating or raising awareness about the importance of installing external defibrillators in public and private spaces.

We publish articles on technical issues related to defibrillators such as batteries, expiration dates, technological innovation, events, legislations, a space cardioprotection blog.

In this blog, all our human team of the SalvaVidas Project collaborates in Spain, among all of us we decided that it is important to spread, be it a technical post, a message, clarification or reflection, a medical themed blog around the defibrillators and cardioprotected spaces.

Zoll AED Plus Trainer 2 simulator defibrillators for training SVB maneuvers in critical situations. We understand that as you learn to perform CPR correctly, it is


Before starting a fantastic day at the beach with the family, we must pay special attention to information from authorities or lifeguards about the state of the beach, which can help us


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all our activity and current status in cardioprotection

All the news of the SalvaVidas Project in our News section, a space in which we will publish minute by minute all our activity around the cardio protection of public and private spaces.

Noticia sobre SANCIONES en la comunidad de Aragón sobre el incumplimiento de la normativa autonómica sobre desfibriladores externos DESA en todo el territorio de la comunidad.

The Dutch manufacturer of automatic external defibrillators DefiTeq entered the Spanish market with its DEA Telefunken. Seduced by its low prices, both public and private entities


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SalvaVidas Project Newsletter, all the news in external defibrillators, medical devices and accessories, events or events, services, interviews, inauguration of facilities, deliveries or training. News of interest for the entire population.

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