More and more cardioprotected companies in our territory

This last week we have cardioprotected MSD (Madrid), Museo del Greco (Toledo), Securitas (Sevilla), Asprodiq (Alicante), Juan XXIII Roncalli Foundation (Madrid), Atocha Building (Madrid), Bankia (Madrid), Civittas (Madrid ), among many others.

More and more work centers are looking for their employees to be protected from the point of view of Health and safety when they need it.

In the companies we visited, we find many workers who are very involved with cardioprotection and with the problems that can happen at work.

From the companies, at the end of the training, they usually comment on how easy it has been for them and the need they see in the implementation, not only of a defibrillator, but also of a group of people trained for it. Keep in mind that both factors are decisive so that at any time you can help a person to continue with his life.

It may sound like a banal to many, but really, it is the most important thing you can do in your life. In addition, trained people will have knowledge about first aid that they can disseminate to other people around them, making the message be transmitted and contributing to this culture of cardioprotection.

As a person, you grow, as a company, you grow, you become more responsible with your employees.

We have a perfect formula for companies, which we call "CardioVending". Through this initiative, you can create a cardioprotected space at no cost to the company, and without the need for a vending machine change. From the day you join the initiative, you have a defibrillator, which you amortize by eating food on the machines,

more information about our Cardio Vending for buildings and companies

However, renting is the way to acquire a defibrillator preferred by most companies that have many employees. The maintenance of the cardioprotected space and the defibrillator is very important, taking into account the expiration of the patches or electrodes, the expiration of the batteries or the courtesy defibrillator service in case of failure, make renting the ideal modality to protect the facilities of any company. In the maintenance we control the level of the batteries, self-test of operation is carried out for its perfect state for its use.

Here are some examples of cardioprotected companies from this last week. Together we save lives!

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