From Atlético de Madrid they send us a message on CPR Day

In Spain there are more than 30.000 cardiac arrests per year. In the United States, one of the most advanced countries in cardioprotection with the massive implantation of defibrillators, the survival rate after cardiac arrest reaches 50%, while in Spain it is 4%.

We wanted to ask two of our big clients about cardioprotection in our country and in their companies.

We have to take into account that Spain is at the tail of Europe in action plans against cardiac arrest.

Both professionals agree on the idea that to change these alarming figures, we must begin to raise awareness among the youngest. Work from schools is essential so that in the medium term, we all have the ability to save lives.

From Proyecto Vidavidas we are working a lot in that area, for that reason, we carry out a solidarity initiative called "Life Bracelets", through which we give the possibility of accessing defibrillators and training to educational centers or clubs that do not have the purchasing power to face it. By selling bracelets, which we give them, they manage to finance this cardioprotected space. The reception of this initiative has been very good, with the collaboration of famous people, such as Antonio Banderas or Fernando Torres, among many others.

There are formulas to acquire these defibrillators and training for companies, such as "Cardiovending". A formula by which, without cost to the company or the need to change the vending machine, companies get the defibrillator thanks to the consumption generated in the machine.

As we can see, the economic factor is not a handicap when acquiring a defibrillator, since there are such initiatives, thanks to which, through the power of collaboration, it is possible to obtain a free defibrillator.

But not only does the defibrillator serve, as our experts pointed out, but the most vital of all, as always, is the human factor. Hence the importance of training in saving a life. Whether you are a company, institution or an individual, we have formations tailored to each one of you. Bonus up to 100% and exempt from VAT.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you on the creation of cardioprotected space.

We leave you with the videos, we hope you find them as interesting as us.


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