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When a life does have a price - Cardioprotection

Recently we have known the death by sudden death of Davina Tavener of 47 years during a flight of the Ryanair company bound for Lanzarote.

The correct installation of defibrillators - Cardioprotected Spaces

A question that often arises when companies and entities acquire a defibrillator is where and how it should be placed so that its location is as correct as possible.

Every day more schools have defibrillators | Cardioprotected spaces

Cardioprotection is vital, all schools should have a defibrillator and teachers with knowledge in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The Lifeguard Project is an initiative committed to cardioprotection, we want as many more safe cardio spaces, whether or not they have the economic means to acquire a defibrillator.

The Federation of Municipalities and Provinces of Aragon supports the "Aragón Cardioprotegido" Project

The Federation of Municipalities and Provinces of Aragon supports the "Aragón Cardioprotegido" project, promoted by the Lifeguard Project.

The "customized" cardioprotection

Early defibrillation, in the 3-5 minutes of collapse increases the survival rate to more than 75%. Every minute of delay in defibrillation reduces the probability of survival at discharge in an 10-15%.

The work we have left to do

In today's post I want to comment on an article published by the American magazine Resuscitation in your number January of 2014.

Semi Automatic Defibrillators - How to choose the best

One of the most common doubts when deciding to be a Cardioprotected Space is to choose the type of defibrillator and the defibrillator mark.


El Lifeguard Project We are the main cardioprotection initiative in Spain with more than 15.000 companies and cardioprotected entities.

Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.



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