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Lifeguard Project News

News and activity about Cardioprotection

316 defibrillators installed in the Madrid Metro

The Lifeguard Project completed the installation of 316 defibrillators in Metro in the Community of Madrid to cover its entire network of Metro stations.

Defibrillator for companies with training in CPR resuscitation

More and more companies cardioprotect their employees, customers and visitors to the company, installing a defibrillator and training the entire human team of the company in cardiopulmonary resuscitation technique saves many lives.

David Lloyd Club Aravaca cardioprotected sports facilities

David Lloyd Club Aravaca has received our training in basic life support and correct use of the defibrillator, a first aid course to help any athlete who may suffer a cardiorespiratory arrest.

Installation of DEA defibrillators at EMASA Aguas de Málaga

Cardioprotection of the facilities of the EMASA company in Malaga, installation of 4 new cardiac rescue points to protect the company's employees and visitors.

Installation of defibrillator in San Martín de Trevejo Cáceres

Proyecto Salvavidas has carried out the installation of a semi-automatic external defibrillator in the San Martín de Trevejo City Council, in the province of Cáceres.

Employees of the Ascao Municipal Center trained in CPR and use of the defibrillator

The Ascao Municipal Day Center in Madrid, today, has received training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and use of the DEA defibrillator. 

The Cooperativa Agrícola San Isidro cardioprotected with the Lifeguard Project

We continue to fulfill our purpose of training people and creating cardio protection points. Today the company CASI de Almería becomes a cardioprotected space, completely protecting all its workers.

The University of Huelva cardioprotected with 12 defibrillators

The cardioprotection of educational centers in Huelva continues with the installation of 12 DEA defibrillators at the University of Huelva, the cardioprotection of all university students, teachers and workers of educational centers is great news. 

The importance of maintenance and calibration of defibrillators

Defibrillators, like any other medical device, need a certain maintenance; according to regulations on cardioprotection of the Autonomous Communities It is mandatory to keep the AED defibrillator and its components in perfect condition for use. 

More than 3.000 Londoners suffered cardiac arrest during the first wave of the pandemic

Today something more is known about the incidence of COVID-19 in the increase in cardiac arrest. Thanks to the first research in the UK to study this correlation, they have revealed the number of Londoners who suffered cardiac arrest during the first wave of the pandemic, where they skyrocketed by 81%, and only around 1% survived.


El Lifeguard Project We are the main cardioprotection initiative in Spain with more than 17.000 companies and cardioprotected entities. 

Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.



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