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I National Convention on Tactical Health

During the 7,8 and 9 of November, this congress organized by the Spanish Society of Emergency and Emergency Medicine took place in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos).

In this first edition, we decided to be the sponsors of the “Workshop on Direct Threat Bleeding (AD) and Indirect Threat (AI) for the first police intervener. The workshop was aimed at Security Forces, Armed Forces and Private Security. It lasted for 2 hours and 20 people participated.

Keep in mind that our first action will be to control bleeding with direct pressure at the point of bleeding. Ideally, have gloves and a sterile pad, compress or gauze (or as clean as possible); If not, we will use any cloth, handkerchief, garment or fabric to make a layer. If the bleeding does not stop, we will add more layers and continue compressing. We never remove the first layer in contact with the wound. In case of having specific material, training and training, we can control the bleeding that does not cease with hemostatic agents or approved turnstiles. We will not use homemade or fortune turnstiles without precise training. Traumatic amputations will not be treated with tourniquet.

We also sponsor the “EFAST Workshop”, aimed at Doctors, Nurses and NC3. Which lasted for 4 hours and was aimed at 24 people.

Both workshops we sponsor were the most successful of this first convention. 

During the congress, 10 discussion tables were held, where 30 experts in tactical health gathered, 15 practical workshops and 1 simulation were held.

The purpose of this convention was to give a complete and coordinated response to armed incidents such as terrorist acts and / or active shooter, in order to increase the survival rate in these types of contexts where the victims are multiple.

Similar aspects were also addressed in scenarios abroad where there is a threat (Cooperators, companies, etc ...) as well as initial assistance in remote areas.

In Spain we have the best quality of care, police and other areas related to emergencies in theaters where safety and health should be implied guided by the real expertise of professionals and reference systems.

The final exercise consisted of a simulation of an attack by two terrorists on a crowd of people within a sporting event. Thirty people participated.

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