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The cat sneaks into the washing machine and manages to revive her by practicing CPR

The quick action of its owner helped her pet recover


A young woman was able to save her cat after she was trapped for 20 minutes in the washing machine. This oversight almost cost your pet's life, luckily, he could recover.

According to the British newspaper Mirror, Courtney Drury, the owner, did not realize that Posey, the cat, had gone into the washing machine. Without performing the timely review, the young woman launched the cat wash program, only 3 months, indoors. Then began a hard experience for Posey, as he was circling inside the appliance.

A miracle cat

After a few minutes, the woman heard meowing the young cat. The meow came from inside the washing machine, which caused Courtney's heart to be paralyzed for a moment. He panicked, began to cry when he saw what happened. Luckily for the cat, this young woman was able to react on time and not let fear paralyze her. He took the cat out of the washing machine, lifeless, and began doing a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Luckily, the owner had knowledge about first aid, because she received training in her company a few months before. In this way, he wanted to apply the learned to his little partner. 

“I had heard a 'meow' but could not find the kitten. It wasn't until 20 minutes later when I saw that it was in the washing machine. I opened the door and she fell along with the wet clothes, ”says Courtney.

"I started doing CPR and then I heard a little meow." Posey was immediately taken to the vet, who gave him oxygen. A few hours later, he improved and he is back home. “The vet said he had never seen anything like that. He told me that if he hadn't done CPR, Posey wouldn't have survived. ” 

Happy ending

According to the owner, Monday night was agonizing for her and her daughter, only 4 years old. The cat got worse and they feared the worst. Luckily, the cat managed to reverse this situation, and has returned to her normal life, with an excellent recovery.

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