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Save your father's life by practicing CPR in the championship

Massamagrell Pilotari, Héctor II, saves his father's life by practicing CPR in the championship

 The events occurred during the Valencian ball game of the Sagols de Villareal championship.

According to those present, the pilotari's father had a heart problem during the game. And it is that these types of events come without warning, in a matter of seconds a person can collapse on the floor because of a heart failure.

After realizing the fading of his father, Hector II proceeded to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, better known as RCP. His quick performance avoided a more serious problem.

Let us keep in mind that, for every minute that passes without assistance, the probability of survival is reduced by 10%, with direct consequence on the neurological damage of the victim. The fact that Hector II initiated cardiopulmonary resuscitation allowed the brain to be oxygenated until healthcare arrived.

We take this opportunity to remind you, in an emergency, the links that are part of the survival chain:



The Massamagrell player received training in CPR at the National Police Academy, knowledge that has helped him save his father's life. We simply need our hands to be able to act in this type of emergency, increasing the probability of success, until health services arrive. The courses in Basic vital support they are necessary for the entire population, this would allow us to significantly reduce the number of annual deaths.

Now, Hector II's father is fully recovered after spending several days in the UVI of La Plana hospital.

Those present present regret that the installation did not have a defibrillator on the premises: "He could have brought the unfortunate father of Hector II back to life with a simple discharge, earning precious time."

Many justify the price to rule out the purchase of this type of equipment, but this is not an impediment. From Project Lifeguard, we have different formulas to acquire them through renting or without cost, through the Life-saving Bracelets, our solidarity initiative.


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