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The first pharmacy in Bajo Andarax that has a defibrillator

The professionals received the essential course of Basic Life Support and use of the DEA

We have cardioprotected the first pharmacy in Bajo Andarax by installing a defibrillator in its facilities. This action is intended to help the neighbors of the region in situations of cardiac arrest and avoid thanks to this device situations that can lead to death.

Viator Plaza Pharmacy has been the first to install the DESA device (Semi-automatic defibrillator) and receive the SVB (Basic Life Support) course and use of the DEA. The defibrillator chosen to protect this pharmacy has been the model Zoll AED Plus. It is one of the most advanced models on the market, which has Real CPR Help, an exclusive CPR feedback tool that can monitor the quality of CPR and provide real-time feedback about the depth and frequency of the chest compressions.

Sudden death or cardiac arrest is a problem that occurs unexpectedly and with relative frequency in Spain. In our country 1 death is recorded every 20 minutes. More than 30.000 annually. In many cases this occurs because the heart stops as a result of a lethal arrhythmia. The rapid recognition of the situation and the early use of the defibrillator is essential to reverse this situation. Time is vital in a person who suffers a cardiac arrest, since every minute that passes without starting CPR maneuvers and using the defibrillator reduces the chances of survival by 10%. For this reason, both the Spanish Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Council and the Spanish Cardiology Society advocate the installation of these devices in pharmacies. 

Given that 80% of cases occur in homes or on public roads, it is only possible to help these people immediately through the use of DESA by the witnesses or first intervening parties.

The speed is an essential factor to increase the survival rate before a cardiac arrest. The delay in starting CPR maneuvers or using the defibrillator causes neurological damage and the consequences may be irreversible. Most out-of-hospital cardiac arrests, unfortunately, do not survive before arriving at the hospital

Therefore, knowledge about basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation is essential, in addition to the use of these devices.

If the use of this type of defibrillator occurs within 3 minutes after cardiac arrest, survival increases more than 70% and if used in less than 5 minutes, the chances increase up to 50%.


Source: DiariodeAlmeria

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