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News and activity about Cardioprotection

3 Sudden deaths of young athletes in the last 7 days reopen the debate on the Obligation to have defibrillators

A young 16 years old basketball player in Benidorm and two young footballers from 21 and 32 years from Aragon and Galicia have died while practicing their sports in the last 7 days.

The Alta Fit cardioprotected gyms

Last September Proyecto Salvavidas signed a collaboration contract with the chain of low cost gyms AltaFit in order to install defibrillators in all its centers and train its employees and its management.

The West Light Rail incorporates defibrillators in its facilities

Metro Ligero Oeste and the Lifeguard Project have installed four high-end external semiautomatic defibrillators in their facilities in order to protect the users and their workers.

The Rex Hotel in Madrid installs a defibrillator with cardiovending for free

El Cardiovending is a unique initiative in Spain driven by the Lifeguard Project as a form of self-financing through which you can obtain a defibrillator at no cost to the company, becoming a cardioprotected space.

Defibrillators and CPR Zaragoza Delicias Station

The next 4 and 5 days in June, at the Zaragoza Delicias railway station, Proyecto Salvavidas, in collaboration with Adif, will carry out different demonstrations of how to use a defibrillator and basic techniques of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

Clint Eastwood saves a life thanks to first aid

The American actor of 83 years. saved the life of a person who dined with him by applying the Heimlich maneuver.

Therapeutic hypothermia

What is therapeutic hypothermia?

New advanced life support course reduced

This new course is focused on Doctors, Nurses and Emergency Technicians. Theoretical practical classes with a duration of 8-12 hours.

New Basic life support instructor course SEMICYUC

Become a Basic Life Support Instructor and work to help save lives.

New Basic Life Support Course + Defibrillator

Course aimed at health personnel and the general population.


El Lifeguard Project We are the main cardioprotection initiative in Spain with more than 15.000 companies and cardioprotected entities.

Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.


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