The importance of a defibrillator in Coslada in the Zero Wave

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Interview on Onda Cero Coslada radio, related to the Lifeguard Project and our vision / mission in the face of sudden death.

The importance of having a defibrillator close to a cardiorespiratory stop.

Interview with our CEO Rubén Campo on the radio Coslada on the Onda Cero Wave

Interviewer: We talked about the Lifeguard project led by Rubén Campo, which does a very important job, if we have a mishap in a sports center, or a shopping center, even on the street, if you had a heart problem, these are portable defibrillators that They can save our lives. To talk about all this, we salute Rubén Campo, good morning ...




Life-saving bracelets: get defibrillator and training without cost.

From Project Salvavavidas we put at your disposal the life-saving bracelets so that sports centers can acquire the defibrillator and staff training at no cost to the institution.

Numerous sports centers have gained access to early defibrillation and resuscitation training using life-saving bracelets. For more information call 911 250 500 for free or contact by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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