Cardioprotection of Firefighters APTB

Installation of defibrillators in fire departments

Cardioprotection in Fire Brigade APTB

The Lifeguard Project and the Professional Association of Firefighters Technicians APTB have signed an agreement for the cardioprotection of all fire brigades in Spain.


Collaboration agreement between the Professional Association of Firefighters Technicians APTB and The Lifeguard Project for the promotion of cardioprotection


On the one hand, the address of the APTB Fire Association and the other our CEO Rubén Campo, both parties agree that the non-profit APTB aims to promote and promote the importance of cardioprotection in all areas of society, to fight against sudden death in Spain.

The Lifeguard Project as experts in cardioprotection of spaces, aims to collaborate with companies and public and private entities for the implementation of cardioprotection programs with the provision of portable defibrillation equipment and training in their use and first aid, all within the National Plan of the Ministry of Health.

The Lifeguard Project collaborates with different institutions such as schools of doctors, international prevention companies, sports federations and a long list of entities and companies at the national level, and for all this we agree the collaboration agreement with the following objectives:

  1. Promote the importance of cardioprotection to all those associated with APTB
  2. The Lifeguard Project will offer important discounts on defibrillators, facilities, discounts on training and maintenance included (in renting mode), basic life support course at the APTB partner's facilities.
  3. The Lifeguard Project will create a personalized key in our online training platform for APTB, a space to disseminate online courses on basic life support and use of defibrillators among all staff or associates.
  4. By this agreement APTB and The Lifeguard Project can co-organize special training events and information on the activities developed by both entities, such as Congresses, Conferences, Conferences, courses, etcetera.
  5. The way in which APTB will make the diffusion, publications and communications agreed with APTB is established.
  6. The Lifeguard Project undertakes to join as a sponsoring partner of APTB during the effective period of the agreement. The duration of the agreement is annual.


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Application of cardioprotection for Fire APTB

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