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How to detect an ICTUS
How to avoid a heat stroke
How to recognize a heart attack
How to take care of your heart
Cardioprotection, defibrillators and something more
Habits for a healthy life, health advice.
Infographic on CPR
Infographics about sudden death.
Infographics about CSR and cardioprotection.
Drowning in children, infographics on how to react.
Choking in babies
Child choking, how to react to choking in children
How to take care of your heart
Child safety in aquatic environments
Heimlich maneuver for choking
How to act before an episode of allergy.
Infographic on first-aid kit
Infographic about external hemorrhages
Commotio cordis
Infographic how the anti-trapping Dechoker is used
Stress and your heart
What to do if a jellyfish bites you, jellyfish stings.
Infographic of what to do if a bee bites you
What to do if a hedgehog or spider fish bites you
You would know how to differentiate a lipotimia from a syncope or vice versa
Seizure infographic
Infographics about dislocations and fractures
Infographic about the day of working women.
Infographic on how to get a free DESA defibrillator
Infographic about differences between Cardiac Arrest and a Heart Attack
Infographic about the day of working women.