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Training in first aid

How to control massive bleeding

Course control of bleeding in massive hemorrhage

Official Course of the American College of Surgeons of basic knowledge for the control of bleeding in wounded with massive hemorrhage. 




The Bleeding Control course in the wounded "Bleeding Control (B-Con)" teaches participants basic interventions, including control of tourniquet bleeding, packaging and hemostatic agents. This course is recommended for civilians and first responders such as police, firemen, civil protection and private security. B-Con follows four basic principles to prevent a wounded with hemorrhage from dying:

Protect your own physical integrity PAS behavior.

Identify the injury

Stop the bleeding

Keep the heat of the victim. At the end of the course the student will receive:

Proof of assistance.

Certificate issued by the American College of Surgeons of the USA and its trauma committee.

Guarantee of the course: The American School of Surgeons of the USA In Project Lifeguard we have official instructors and with the suitable materials for simulation of hemorrhages, of this form the students will be able to put in practice what learning. If you are interested in organizing a B-Con course in your company or entity, do not hesitate to contact us.



With the right training, you can help save lives! The only thing more tragic than a death is a death that could have been prevented.

The educational program focuses on: The ABC of Bleeding Why do I need this training?

Practices you will learn in this course

The immediate response to bleeding
The recognition of bleeding that puts life at risk
The proper ways to stop bleeding

The ABC of Bleeding Alert - call to 112. Bleeding "Bleeding" Locate the bleeding lesion.

Compression, apply pressure to stop bleeding

What is life-threatening bleeding? Blood that runs profusely from the wound, blood that soaks the sheet or clothing. Compression to stop bleeding, direct pressure.
We will teach the scientific basis and then apply it with the practices. The Turnstile Turnstile CAT Application of a Turnstile CAT. Hemostatic dressings principles of wound packing, domestic injuries, automobile accidents, work-related injuries, mass shootings, terrorist attacks, catastrophes, etc.

We adapt the course to the client's needs, dates and times. 



Information form of the Control Course of bleeding in massive hemorrhage

Course for the control of bleeding in massive hemorrhage

Form for the request of information of dates and places for the control course of bleeding in massive hemorrhage. If you are interested in obtaining more information about this training in first aid, write us and we will inform you of the options to carry out the course, option to organize a tailor-made courses in your workplace.

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