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Training in first aid

Prevention of electrical risks

Course on prevention of electrical risks and First Aid

Course on prevention of electrical hazards and first aid, Royal Decree 614 / 2001, of 8 of June, on minimum provisions for the protection of health and safety of workers against electrical risk.


The course in prevention of electrical risks and first aid aims to develop those concepts of safety and health, related to the protection of electrical risks, so that the worker who develops work related to electrical risk, executes said activity safely, using appropriate preventive measures. In the event of an electrical accident (burn, loss of consciousness, cardiorespiratory arrest, etc.) the student will be trained to act in the first minutes until the arrival of the health service.


Who is it for?


The course is designed for workers in the electrical sector for those workers exposed to electrical risks, have to manipulate electrical tools or perform low or high voltage work.

Profile: Technicians and responsible for maintenance and electrical safety, electrical installers, technical office engineers and industrial engineers and all those who want to enter the electrical sector. 



Theoretical-practical classroom courses of 8 hours where students will be able to develop what they have learned in simulated situations based on real situations. 

Our trainers travel to the client's facilities with all the teaching material, providing quality to the learning experience.

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We adapt the course to the client's needs, dates and times.


1 block: Effects of electric shock as it passes through the body. Electrical magnitudes The electric shock. Direct and indirect contact. Factors that determine the severity of the injuries. Physiological effects of alternating electric current. Tension and resistance: Standard reference. The route of the current: trajectory through the body. Protection against Electrical Hazards.

2 block: Risks and preventive measures associated with electricity according to legal framework. Legislative framework: Royal Decree 614 / 2001 Electrical installations: Article 3. Protection against direct electrical contacts. Protection against indirect electrical contacts. Low voltage electrical equipment (receivers). Techniques and work procedures: Article 4. Works without tension: "the five golden rules" Work with tension. Danger zone or work zone in tension. Static electricity: risk of fire or explosion and measures to avoid the accumulation of electrostatic charges. Means of personal protection. Preventive measures.

3 block: First aid associated with electrical accidents. Behavior PAS. Call to 112. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and DEA. Basic kit. Burns. Hemorrhage. Trauma Cranial Injuries. Neurological emergencies: Lipotimia, Convulsions and ICTUS


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