Anti-choking device for children and adults

Device for medical emergencies

SalvaVidas AA our choking anti-choking device

SalvaVidas AA is a revolutionary anti-choking first aid kit for pediatric and adult use. 1.900 people die a year in Spain from choking 10 times more deaths than those caused by fires 4 times more deaths than from drowning by immersion, a figure similar to that of deaths from traffic accidents.


Anti-choking device "SalvaVidas AA" for children and adults

Our anti-choking device "SalvaVidas AA" is a revolutionary emergency kit, very easy to use, designed so that any user can act quickly in the event of a choking emergency.
Suction device specially developed to release an obstruction in the victim's airway when the standard protocol has been followed without success (Palmadas, Heimlich Maneuver)

* Effective, acts in seconds
* Non-invasive, does not enter the body
* Adult and pediatric use from 18kg.

Includes two adult and one pediatric masks

* Simple operation: no training or technical profile is necessary
* Tested successfully, it has saved lives in Spain and other countries
* Recommended for patients in whom the Manibra de Heimlich is complicated: Obese, people in wheelchairs, bedridden, elderly, pregnant.


Expiration and maintenance of the anti-choking device

The device has no expiration, it is recommended to change the masks every 3 years. The entrance of the masks is universal so it is compatible with any mask with universal entry sold in the market, is intended for single use due to the risk of cross contamination.

The duration of the suction is minimal, acting in seconds, safe and effective, ideal equipment to keep it in a medicine cabinet, closet or carry it around and always have it close to be able to use it immediately.

Reaction time is vital in the face of a sudden choking

Source: INE: National Institute of Statistics

0 - 4 min. Unlikely brain damage
4 - 6 min. Possible brain damage
6 - 10 min. Probable brain damage
More than 10 Probable brain death

It is possible to transform a public space such as a school or school cafeteria into a safer place in the event of choking suffocation. Help us save a life!

Our goal is to offer peace of mind and security to save lives and create safer spaces.



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