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Automatic cardiopulmonary resuscitation

ZOLL Autopulse RCP

Automatic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) - ZOLL AutoPulse®

Automated cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) without interruptions and compressions more consistently, the patented LifeBand load distribution strap squeezes a wide area of ​​the chest, distributing the force of compressions and helping to maximize blood flow. By contrast, manual CPR and piston-actuated devices concentrate force on a very small surface area.

Perform first quality CPR

When treating patients with sudden cardiac arrest, high-quality, consistent and continuous chest compressions are essential for survival. However, for rescuers, who need to go through unpredictable obstacles and at the same time try to maintain their own safety and maintain patients with a good perfusion, performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) without interruptions may be impossible. The revolutionary ZOLL® AutoPulse® provides a better opportunity to provide premium CPR while on the move. The AutoPulse device, unique in its kind, is a heart support pump that moves more blood and more consistently than people can with their hands. The AutoPulse sets a new standard of care for a non-invasive and easy-to-use cardiac support during resuscitation. His abilities give him more time to concentrate on everything that matters when saving lives.

Safety at all costs

Saving others does not have to mean risking your own life. Since the occupants of an ambulance travel without a seatbelt, in an accident they have 4 times higher risk of dying and 6,5 sometimes higher risk of being permanently disabled, the CPR needs to be as safe as effective. The AutoPulse allows emergency medical service providers to travel with a seatbelt as their LifeBand® load distribution band squeezes the entire patient's chest to provide uninterrupted blood flow.




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Autopulse, another pair of hands during a sudden cardiac arrest

During a sudden cardiac arrest, there is always too much to do in a very short time. The AutoPulse leaves one of the rescuers free to perform other essential tasks of salvation, such as placing an IV on the patient, administering medication, ventilating or intubating it.

Minimal interruptions during CPR 

Interruptions during CPR can be fatal for patients with sudden cardiac arrest. A successful resuscitation, with less than 10 seconds between compressions, falls from an 94% to only an 38% if a pause of 30 seconds occurs. The AutoPulse offers an excellent and constant blood flow during all the operations of the patient in movement, even when the toilets or rescuers are going down stairs, running to and from the ambulance, or evading the traffic at high speeds.

Technology that saves lives

The patented LifeBand load distribution band tightens a wide area of ​​the thorax, which distributes the strength of the compressions and helps to maximize blood flow. In contrast, manual CPR and piston-operated devices concentrate force on a very small surface. The LifeBand also allows a complete decompression to achieve maximum coronary perfusion.

Simple and intelligent

To properly trained professionals, installing the AutoPulse only takes a few seconds. The AutoPulse automatically determines the size, shape and strength of each person, then adjusts the force required to achieve a real anterior-posterior displacement of an 20%.

Integrated data management

After resuscitation, the AutoPulse data can be easily uploaded to the ZOLL RescueNet® code review software and can be seamlessly integrated with the data of the
defibrillator and other critical events to provide the most comprehensive patient record possible prior to hospital admission.

Clinical studies

Numerous studies document the impact of AutoPulse on clinical outcomes and their effectiveness, including their ability to triple survival rates until discharge from the hospital.


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