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Defibrillators Zoll X Series

Defibrillators for ambulances and hospitals

Zoll X Series Defibrillator | Manual defibrillator for sanitary use

Manufacturer: Customs Model: X Series _Features: Last generation in support of CPR defibrillator for hospital use.


Defibrillators for ambulances and hospitals, sale of defibrillator Zoll X Series


Sale of defibrillators Zoll X Series for ambulances and hospitals, manual defibrillator for medical use, below we explain their technical specifications

• Defibrillator weighing less than 6 kg, the X Series® has a weight and size that equals approximately half of all other defibrillation devices with all functions.

• Its large and bright screen allows the simultaneous display of four strokes, as 12 derivations of the ECG, or static and dynamic views of the 12 leads in a split screen.

• This manual defibrillator also incorporates the most advanced and comprehensive monitoring capabilities, including a Masimo® rainbow® SET "gold-standard" pulse co-oximeter and Welch Allyn's fast NIBP technology, which improves accuracy and reliability.

• Trauma-specific parameters provide information on occult bleeding (SpHb ™, non-invasive hemoglobin monitoring), response to fluids (PVI ™, plethysmographic variability index) and oxygenation status (SpOC ™, oxygen content) .

CPR is crucial in cardiac arrest

• The CPR Dashboard ™ provides numerical depth and frequency values ​​in real time, and has a CPR timer that, once the compressions are stopped, transforms into an inactivity timer. The release indicator and perfusion performance indicator (PPI) also help maximize the effectiveness of CPR.

• See-Thru CPR® (exclusive of ZOLL®) contributes to reduce the duration of interruptions, since it filters the noise and allows you to see the underlying rhythms in an organized way during the CPR.

Simplify the making of medical records thanks to advanced communication

• X Series is the first monitor / defibrillator with built-in WiFi. Other standards are the ability to operate via Bluetooth® and USB cellular modem.

• At the touch of a button, paramedics can now send the X Series files directly to your system. With RescueNet® CaseReview, accessing case files is as quick and easy as opening your Internet browser.

• X Series collects, stores and transmits the 12 leads to RescueNet 12-Lead and RescueNet MedGate 12-Lead, the ZOLL management systems that are easy to use and economical.

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