9 defibrillators in tourist and sports facilities of Cantur

Cantabria cardio protected

We install nine defibrillators in tourist and sports facilities in Cantur

From Lifeguard Project we have installed the Cantabrian Regional Tourism Promotion Society (CANTUR) nine state-of-the-art automatic external defibrillators (DEA) in the tourist and sports facilities they manage. It's about the model Zoll AED PLUS.

The facilities managed by this company are among the most frequented public and tourist spaces in the entire Cantabria region.

An example of this influx would be the Cabárceno Nature Park, which has 630.000 visitors a year. Through the installation of defibrillators, they meet the highest safety and prevention requirements.

Both Cabárceno and the Alto Campoo ski resort already had a portable equipment. In any case, they wanted to multiply resources by installing two new devices in each of the facilities. Consider the extension of both places, the ideal would be to have an automatic defibrillator, at most, 5 minutes away. Every minute that passes, the chances of survival are reduced by 10%.

But not only is the placement of these devices news, but it is a full service cardioprotection. The installation is completed with a training on Basic Life Support and use of the defibrillator. In this way, 72 workers will have the necessary preparation and knowledge to handle defibrillators.

Recall that, since the 1 of October of 2018, the installation of external defibrillators in certain spaces of public use is mandatory. Thanks to this installation of defibrillators, Cantur is up to European standards in the creation of cardioprotected spaces.

External automatic defibrillators are one of the most effective tools to successfully attend a cardiac emergency. You can discover everything about defibrillators HERE.


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