Hotels cardioprotegidos with defibrillators

Cardiosecurity in hotels

Cardiosecure hotels with DESA defibrillators + CPR training

We have to take into account the large influx of people that a hotel has. For this reason, the hotel sector is one of the most sensitive to the implementation of defibrillators in its facilities.

These hotels receive different customer profiles of all ages throughout the year. The size of these hotel buildings often makes a quick performance of an ambulance difficult. For this reason, from Proyecto Salvavidas, we try to provide cardiosecurity to hotels.

Hotel Goya de Zaragoza and Hotel Meliá de Sevilla cardioseguros spaces

This week we have trained in Basic Life Support and use the defibrillator at Hotel Goya de Zaragoza and Hotel Meliá de Sevilla. In total, we have trained 17 people. We have to take into account that the legislation is the responsibility of the different autonomies. So, depending on each community, there are hotels that are forced to install the defibrillators. 

The hotel sector is very sensitive to this type of event, let's think for a moment about the relevance of tourism in our country, its high tourist influx index and the large number of hotels in each city.

Training for the use of defibrillators and Basic Life Support to all the staff of the Hotel Goya de Zaragoza

In Aragón, hotels with 100 places are required to install defibrillators in their facilities

In Aragon, for example, hotels that have more than 100 seats must have defibrillators. In addition, initial training is required, which will be eight hours, while recycling will be three. This recycling of the training must be done with an annual period, and once the two recycling courses have been passed, it will have a biannual period. Another example of this would be Navarra, where hotels whose capacity is greater than 700 people, will have the obligation to have defibrillators.

Each autonomous community has its legislation for the installation of defibrillators and their training 

In other communities where an obligation is not established, the new regulations are being drafted where they are recommended as a recommendation. This is a clear example that little by little, the culture of cardiosecurity is becoming a reality.

Here we leave the legislation of each of the communities.

From Proyecto Salvavidas we are committed to the installation of defibrillators and training, for this reason we will be happy to help any hotel take this step and be more responsible with its guests.

For more information: 900 670 112

Together we save lives!

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