Extremadura defibrillators

Decree 16 / 2019 regulates the use of defibrillators

Updating of regulations on defibrillators in Extremadura

Extremadura updates its regulations on use and the obligation to install defibrillators throughout the autonomous community of Extremadura.

This Monday, February 18, the Decree that updates the regulation of everything related to public defibrillators was published in the Official Gazette of Extremadura. The DECREE 16 / 2019 It brings important and very positive variations with respect to the previous decree that has already been repealed.


Decree 16 / 2019 requires now to have a public defibrillator in the following spaces in Extremadura

In this new update of the regulations on external defibrillators of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, important novelties are collected about the spaces required to have a defibrillator for public use.


    1. Centers and commercial equipment, individual or collective, with a sales area equal to or greater than 2.500 m². 
    2. Transport facilities: airports and bus or railway stations, of populations of more than 30.000 inhabitants.
    3. Emergency services such as firefighters, local police and civil protection in populations with more than 30.000 inhabitants.
    4. The facilities, centers or sports or recreational complexes in which the capacity is equal to or greater than 700 persons. 
    5. Public establishments, premises and facilities where public spectacles are held, with authorized capacity equal to or greater than 1.000 persons.
    6. Educational centers with equal or superior capacity to 500 students.
    7. Work centers with more than 250 working people.



Obligations of the person holding the defibrillator DEA | Maintenance of forced defibrillators

The owner of the space or place where a DEA defibrillator is installed, whether compulsory or voluntary:

  1. Ensure that the installation complies with the requirements established by the minimum conditions and requirements for safety and quality in the use of external automatic and semi-automated defibrillators outside the health area, and must bear the CE mark.
  2. Ensure its maintenance and conservation.
  3. Locate the defibrillators in a visible and adequate space for installation, and that their location is clearly and easily indicated by the universal signaling recommended (ILCOR) and in a visible way the labeling corresponding to the emergency telephone number 112 and the instructions for its use . This location must be properly identified in the maps or informative maps of the place.
  4. Have authorized personnel for their use, during the time that the place remains open to the public, except teams located on public roads. The person holding the DEA will designate the personnel responsible for the management of the same, preferably those authorized persons, whose location allows them easy access to it.
  5. Provide the personnel responsible for handling the DEA defibrillator in advance with the training and updating of the knowledge necessary for its use.
  6. Declare the installation, withdrawal or modification of data from the DEA to the competent body

Installation and registration of defibrillators in Extremadura

  1. The person holding the DEA will be required to present a declaration responsible for the installation, suspension, withdrawal or modification of data thereof, prior to the same taking place, before the General Directorate in matters of health care of the Extremadura Health Service.
  2. The declaration responsible for installation, suspension, withdrawal or modification of data of an AED will have the effect of its corresponding registration ex officio in the "Registry of DEAExtremadura in the non-sanitary field".

Use of the Extremadura defibrillator | Who can use the AED?

  1. All use of the AED must be preceded by the notification and activation of the 112 of Extremadura.
  2. The use of the AED in the non-sanitary field must be carried out by duly trained authorized persons.
  3. In the absence of the above, anyone can apply defibrillation for therapeutic purposes.
  4. On the part of the 112 Emergency and Emergency Care Center of Extremadura, the registration of the incidents will be carried out, for their information and possible statistical use.

Training use of defibrillators in Extremadura | Lifeguard project authorized academy 

Authorized entities of training activities in use of DEA defibrillators in the non-healthcare field.

  1. In order to acquire the status of an authorized entity for training activities in use of DEA in Extremadura, the interested natural or legal persons must request authorization from the Directorate General responsible for training of the Ministry responsible for health.

In any case, they must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a teaching team, whose instructors are registered and updated in the "Register of training for use of DEA in Extremadura", among which will have staff with a bachelor's or graduate degree in medicine, a university diploma or graduate in nursing, or technician in health emergencies of medium grade, to exercise the direction of each of the training activities in use of defibrillator.
  2. To have premises that allow the imparting of training, both theoretical and practical.
  3. To have the teaching material that allows to impart the training.
  4. Have a training program that meets the requirements and basic contents established.
  5. Training program to be taught in the initial training and recycling courses, adjusted to the established.


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