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Defibrillators on beaches

Cardioprotegidos spaces

Defibrillators on the beaches | Cardioprotected spaces

It is important that you have the Defibrillators on beaches-cardioprotected beaches, since these begin to be protected by the presence of said device, thus achieving saving the lives of many people.

When referring to cardioptrotegido, it is a synonym of an increased chance of saving lives on the beach, of those sudden cardiac arrests with the help of the defibrillator. The presence of this device is crucial to guarantee the cardiac well-being of those present, those who belong to at-risk groups or suffer from some kind of complication in the heart, as well as possible drownings. Therefore, the greater the volume of people, the greater the probability that an incident may occur before which to be prepared. This is the case of the beaches, where thousands of people gather in summer.

 On what is the badge of a Cardio protected beach based?

After fulfilling the requirements, Proyecto Salvavidas is the one that will grant the Beach Cardio protected label to those beaches that are capable of complying with the established requirements and that have at least one defibrillator in each installation or space. This badge will have a minimum validity of one year, plus the active year, and this will be renewed once it is analyzed that the equipment is in perfect maintenance conditions and the training recycles have been made.

The "Beach Cardioprotegidas" badge is mainly based on the control of 5 differentiated sections, among them:

  1. Defibrillator: have insurance, regulations and compliance with regulations for the sale of material.
  2. Minimum training: a public access to defibrillation together with trained personnel, and regulation according to regulations of the different cc.aa.
  3. Installation: signage, location and distribution.
  4. Maintenance: have a computerized expiration control, both batteries and patches.
  5. Renewal: biannual, compulsory training recycling, renewal of patches and batteries.

 Is the defibrillator on the beach important?

A cardiac arrest, not only can happen to people who are active or doing sports, it can also happen to anyone who is on the beaches, especially those sensitive who are part of risk groups, whose heart is faced with a threat higher cardiovascular regardless of where these individuals are. The presence of the defibrillator on the beach is important because it becomes an added value for all those who decide to sunbathe, rest or bail in these spaces. In general, one of the aspects that in Spain allow us to distinguish some beaches from others and that the Association of Environmental and Consumer Education (ADEAC) takes into account when issuing its annual assessment of the blue flag awarded beaches.

Due to the physical effort that is usually carried out in them, whether in the form of children's leisure, swimming, running in the sand, or activities such as surfing, in addition to the lifeguards' service on the beaches, they have their respective equipment where the presence of defibrillators must be mandatory. Every measure of prevention is key to the health benefit of bathers and visitors.

 What are defibrillators used on the beach for?

The installation and use of defibrillators in beaches and swimming pools are what will help you to be able to save lives in the event of cardiac arrest as a result of drowning or other causes that lead the person to have ventricular fibrillation. Since usually in the arrival of summer people tend to spend their free time on the beaches of Spain, the practice of water sports and leisure in the water is triggered in this season, thus increasing the chances of drowning The measures of prevention and action against this type of accidents do not always turn out to be the most appropriate, therefore it is necessary to have the installation of defibrillators, and in this way to counteract the effects of possible cardiac arrest in the different aquatic spaces, both in Coastal and interior areas, the installation of defibrillators on beaches for public use contribute to saving the lives of the people in it. With these devices it is able to combat cardiac arrest, the main cause of mortality in Spain, which lacks national legislation on cardioprotection.

Defibrillator Zoll "the defibrillator for all cardiac arrests"

Our Zoll defibrillators are used for all cardiac arrests both those that need a shock, and for those that only need chest compressions thanks to their help to CPR that tells us the depth of cardiac massage.

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