Fuensalida receives training in BLS and use of defibrillators

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Fuensalida receives training in BLS and use of defibrillators

The City Council of Fuensalida (Toledo) received yesterday, a training course aimed at staff in charge of sports facilities and staff in charge of leisure facilities.

The staff in charge of the sports and leisure facilities of the Fuensalida City Council receives our training. They were given the initial official training of basic BLS life support and CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers, expanding their knowledge and updating those they already had.

Sports and leisure facilities of Fuensalida cardio protected 

We recall the importance of good training of the personnel in charge of installations of this type. Intense exercise could trigger cardiac arrest, and sports facilities bring together many potential candidates for this to happen.

The most efficient and basic measure of all against sudden death is education in basic life support. The training given by our teaching team consists of a theoretical part and another where the resuscitation maneuvers and use of the defibrillator are practiced.

Anticipation, immediate recognition of cardiac arrest, and quality basic CPR are essential factors in saving a life.

We are installers of DEA DESA defibrillators for cardioprotected spaces throughout Spain

From Proyecto Salvavidas we launched a oferta especial to cover all cardio safety needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check our defibrillators renting with training, spare parts and maintenance included in a comfortable monthly fee.

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