Salvavidas Project collaborates one more year with Spain Rumbo Al Sur ❤️

Solidarity & Collaboration

Salvavidas Project collaborates one more year with Spain Rumbo Al Sur ❤️

If you still do not know it, I invite you to continue reading because this program is unique in the world. And you will wonder, what is it Spain Heading South?

It is a pioneering program, which aims to sensitize the whole of society in the promotion of good values ​​through direct action, work and the effort of young people on the ground.

España Rumbo Al Sur is also a school where THE JOURNEY is its main subject; The stories lived in the first person are much more enriching and that practical experience is essential for the integral formation of the person.

ERS offers an academic program of more than 240 hours. Master classes taught by experts, on topics of cooperation, entrepreneurship, history, journalism, travel notebook, ethnography, emergency aid, astronomy, music, archeology, environment, and that helps to have a global and formed vision about reality and culture of the countries in which it operates and becomes, every year, an itinerant classroom.



Young people learn through experience that courage, personal effort, work, study, perseverance and respect for others are the best allies to achieve a better future for all. Young people from here are educated to be more and better trained, with less prejudice and fear.

Long marches through deserts, jungles, mountains, rivers. Under scorching suns, torrential rains, endless days to reach each of the cooperation projects where they are welcomed with open arms and received like brothers, to teach them their work and let them be part of their reality.

This project has stolen our hearts 😍 and that is why every year we collaborate with them, giving away AED defibrillators for the cardioprotection of all participants. For the fight against sudden death!

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Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.

Address: la Constitución 29 
28821 Coslada (Madrid)
Phone: + 34 911 250 500

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