Teruel cardioprotection saves a man's life

Training and DEA defibrillators in the face of sudden death in Teruel

Teruel cardioprotection saves the life of a man in cardiac arrest

A man in cardiac arrest saves his life thanks to the cardioprotection of the city of Teruel. After receiving a call from an off-duty colleague, a local policeman appeared at the scene, and by using the DEA defibrillator in the patrol car, he was able to revive Fidel.

Fidel is a citizen of Teruel who was reborn thanks to the quick action of Ángel Loras, the Inspector of the Local Police who came to his aid at the scene; Without prompt intervention, the victim's chances of survival are reduced by 10% for every minute that passes from cardiac arrest. 

The importance of training in CPR and the installation of AED defibrillators in vehicles, buildings, shops and on the public road itself, is that both reduce reaction times to an event that occurs suddenly and suddenly.

The stress and lack of knowledge about CPR by the first person who intervenes in the event of a cardiopulmonary arrest lengthens the resuscitation times of the victim, increasing the chances of suffering neurological sequelae from minute 5 after having suffered a CRP (cardiorespiratory arrest).  

Saving Fidel's life is something that deeply moves us as human beings; a life is priceless, tomorrow it could be a father, a brother, a friend, an acquaintance or yourself who needs a cardioprotection plan, we are all susceptible to sudden cardiorespiratory arrest at any time. 

From Proyecto Salvavidas we want to thank all those invisible anonymous heroes such as the off-duty colleague who activated the protocol, the health students who assisted Fidel, and Ángel Loras for their prompt action, professionalism and sense of duty.  

Once again, the AED defibrillator was decisive in restoring Fidel's heart rhythm, the installation of these portable defibrillation equipment ensures quality cardio protection against sudden death episodes. In the Lifeguard Project we have plans for custom cardioprotection with everything necessary to comply with current regulations in each autonomous community.

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