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Gym cardioprotection McFit Valladolid

They install an AED defibrillator in the McFit Valladolid gym

Although gyms in Spain have suffered a drop in users due to the pandemic, sports practice by Spanish citizens has increased, compared to data from prior to the coronavirus.

According to the data provided by the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition, the percentage of citizens who now exercise more, compared to other years, is 32%.

In 2019 there were more than 4.700 gyms located throughout the Spanish territory, reaching the figure of 5,5 million members. However, since the confinement of March 2020, until now, gyms have lost “just over 50% of their members,” some 2,8 million, says Alberto García, manager of the National Federation of Sports Facilities Companies (Fneid)

On the other hand, although gyms have had a drop in users since the pandemic, the Spanish population is more aware of the importance of incorporating physical exercise into their daily routines.



According to the "Sports Habits Survey in Spain 2020", sports practice increased by 6,1% compared to previous years.


BLS Training and AED Use for Gym Workers


We must remember that gyms are spaces where great physical efforts are made, being places prone to suffering an episode of sudden death. Gyms like McFit in Valladolid give us the option of exercising a sports routine with all the security measures while maintaining the facility as a cardioprotected place.



Sudden death does not know age or gender, it can happen to anyone and anywhere.  Sudden death in sports is a fact and is related to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia.

In people older than 35 years, the most common cause appears to be ischemic cardiomyopathy. That is why fighting sudden death in gyms is paramount for both clients and workers.


Elite athletes also suffer cardiorespiratory arrest


A recent example that went around the world was the case of footballer Eriksen. The cases of sudden death of athletes are an event with great social impact since they often occupy the headlines of the sports press and because it is difficult to understand the reasons why a young and apparently healthy person can suffer a sudden sudden death.



However, although it seems that great athletes suffer more from the cardiac consequences of excess sports training. The average population is less prepared to emerge unscathed from a stop than the sports elite.

"While professional athletes undergo different medical controls during their sporting life, most recreational athletes do not carry out a prior medical examination," explains forensic doctor Joaquín Lucena.

McFit Valladolid gym cardioprotected space

McFit Valladolid
it is a gym sensitized with cardioprotection and the fight against sudden death. Its sports facilities have the corresponding sanitary measures to make the gym a heart-safe place.

A gym has been installed semi-automatic defibrillator Zoll AED Plus DESA and the CPR and BLS training was given to 6 members of the Mc Fit Valladolid team of workers. 



The McFit Valladolid gym places its trust for the cardioprotection of athletes and coaches to Proyecto Salvavidas. We are the leading cardioprotection company for Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Colombia. We have been in the sector for more than 12 years with more than 17.000 defibrillators installed.

Salvavidas Project has managed to turn thousands of spaces throughout Spain into safer places thanks to the defibrillator installation semi-automatic, training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation y maintenance of defibrillators. 

Signed. Carlos Sanjuán from Lifeguard Project

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