A baby is born again after a choking

Resuscitation of babies after choking

A baby is born again after a choking

Police save the life of a baby who had choked on a cookie in Florida. The 18-month-old baby choked on a piece of cookie when his mother held him in her arms.


  • A piece of cookie was the cause of choking
  • The little boy was taken alive to the hospital


Thanks to massive cardiopulmonary resuscitation training in the US, Florida police officers have managed to save the life of a baby who had choked on a piece of cookie. The mother held the baby in her arms when the event occurred.

Luckily, a police patrol was nearby, who managed to act on time. After multiple attempts at resuscitation, the agents got the baby to respond and begin to breathe normally. The baby was taken alive to the hospital.


Choking in babies is one of the 3 most common unnatural causes of death

Choking in babies is among the most common unnatural deaths 3. If basic life support training were a reality in our country, we would be able to reduce these figures. Performing CPR is easier than it seems, with a course of 4-8 hours we can learn to do it effectively, both in adults, children and babies. Keep in mind, that each of them is done in a specific way.

If you are interested in learning how to perform this technique, do not hesitate to contact us or check out our training section. They are applicable both at individual level and for companies, schools and other entities.

From Proyecto Salvavidas we believe in the obligation to generate a culture of cardioprotection in Spain, remember that we are in the tail of Europe on this issue.

Our hearts shrink when we see these images, but if you were there, would you have the capacity to act?

Together we save lives!

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