36 AED defibrillators and BLS training

BeOne gyms safe cardio gyms

Cardioprotected BeOne Gyms with SVB and 36 DEA training

On September 10 at the BeOne gym in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), they carried out a recycling of the basic life support course and use of the DEA defibrillator. This training reinforces the concepts learned in previous years' courses and instructs new members of the human team.

BeOne gyms have more than 25 years of experience in the fitness sector; With a qualified human team and unbeatable customer service, they now carry out recycling cardiopulmonary resuscitation training, and install DEA defibrillators in their 36 gyms in Spain. 

An AED defibrillator is an electro-medical device capable of automatically analyzing the victim's heart rhythm and, if necessary, administering an electric shock in order to restore a normal heart rhythm.


BeOne gyms committed against sudden death


In these sports spaces in which great physical efforts are made daily and where the risk of cardiac arrest is greater, the chances that gym users suffer an episode of sudden death increase. 



As indicated by the Spanish Journal of Cardiology people who practice intense sports activity have a higher incidence of sudden death than non-athletes, 1,6 deaths per 100.000 inhabitants compared to 0,75 per 100.0002.


AED Defibrillators and Basic Life Support training for gyms


Equipping a gym with an automatic or semi-automatic defibrillator not only protects the lives of users, but also that of employees. In addition, current AED defibrillators have electrode patches for both adults and children, which makes the use of the AED much easier in case of emergency.

More and more young people are practicing sports in gyms, and installing a DEA or DESA defibrillator reduces the chances of death and / or sequelae due to cardiorespiratory arrest.

From Proyecto Salvavidas we offer cardioprotection plans which also includes training in basic life support and use of the AED for gym employees.  

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