Cardioprotection of sports facilities

Defibrillators and Basic Life Support training

Cardioprotected sports centers

When cardiorespiratory arrest occurs, statistics ensure that the survival rate in Spain is below 10% if CRP occurs outside the hospital environment. Meanwhile, in other countries such as the United States, the percentage rises to 50%, due to the massive existence of defibrillators.

It is important to make the population aware of cardioprotection in sports centers, especially in children's sports centers and in those where the probability of suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest increases. For example, in places with a large influx of people or areas where sports are practiced.

Sports facilities with AED defibrillators and training in Basic Life Support

Playing sports is something that is constantly recommended to avoid a heart incident. The physical and health conditions of each individual will determine the possibilities they have of suffering a cardiac arrest.

On the other hand, excessive sports exertion can lead to a fibrillation in the heart rhythm which can end in sudden death. That is why the best option to maintain a safe cardio place is to lead and maintain a healthy life without great sports efforts and with the security of having a defibrillator nearby.



Sports centers are areas where the cardioprotection of athletes and workers can be crucial to save a life.

In Spain, the use and legislation of defibrillators has remained in the hands of the Autonomous Communities. Unfortunately, the first decrees were very restrictive with the implantation of defibrillators. Fortunately, latest decrees and laws on defibrillator legislation go in the right direction favoring and promoting the use of DESA.

Cardiac arrest is an exceptionally recurrent disease that we frequently underestimate.

Unfortunately the ways to survive a cardiac arrest on the street range between 5 and 10%. It is for this reason that resuscitation should begin early, because for every minute that passes the ways of survival are reduced by 10% ”, explains Doctor José Luis Palma Gámiz, vice president of the Fundación De España del Corazón (FEC) .

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