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Lifeguard we are a company of defibrillators and preventive sanitary material, specialized in the rental and sale of external semi-automatic defibrillators and cardioprotected spaces. We are distributors of the first brands of defibrillators. Formulas to obtain defibrillators without investment.

Many people still ask themselves today what a "DEFIBRILLATOR" is for, but if you have come this far, we imagine that you know him and want to rent or buy one. In this article, we are going to talk about the Lifeguard Project and why the work we do is so essential.

The Lifeguard Project, your DEA DESA defibrillator company

We are an official distributor in Spain of leading defibrillator brands, we are a serious, professional and trustworthy company, backed by leading international brands. For many years we have been offering our clients services for the purchase and rental of DEA DESA defibrillators, also offering training and courses on basic life support and DESA management, installers of cardioprotected spaces, and with a formula to obtain free defibrillators with our Lifeguard bracelets, which For € 3 per unit you can get defibrillators, cabinets, training and even maintenance of the defibrillator.


Get a DEA defibrillator without investing or €?

Yes, it is possible to get a defibrillator by selling life-saving bracelets. This service is very tempting for many entities, because it allows easier access to the purchase of a defibrillator, which in some cases is absolutely essential. How is this? You will need the following bracelets:

  • 1.000 € 3 bracelets = Type 1 defibrillator + installation + Training course for 8 people approved by the CC.AA.

  • 2.400 bracelets: Cardioprotected Space Pack.

The Lifeguards are the only ones that are designed by Kukuxumusu and include up to 10 different designs. You can collect them all if you wish. If you want to contribute or make a special gift, do not think about it, one of these beautiful designer bracelets will be waiting for you.

You can find our Lifeguard Project wristbands in pharmacies!

You can join our Lifeguard project now. We offer all types of defibrillators, we always adapt to the needs of the organization that requires them. Defibrillators are always needed in schools, educational centers, gyms, sports clubs, town halls, communities, etc.

We offer a professional and trustworthy service. We are one of the leading defibrillator distributors in Spain.

You can contact us through the web or at the phone number 911 250 500. Remember that you can also contribute to saving more lives.

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Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.

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