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Defibrillator rental

Rent for a short period of time

Defibrillator rental

If you would like to rent a defibrillator, on our Lifeguard Project page we offer you the best options so that you can successfully rent defibrillators with all the guarantee. We are a leading distributor of defibrillators and years of experience support us.

In our rental section defibrillators You will find all the options that we currently have in the market. We recommend that you take a look at it, so you can see everything we offer at first hand. Complete services and even Approved courses, to help you become a professional.

Rental options defibrillators with Lifeguard Project:

  • Rental of Cardioprotected Space. You can choose it for 60 months and check the price through a phone call to the number 911 250 500. There is the option to choose the basic pack, showcase pack called 112 and personalized totem pack.

  • Rental of Cardioprotected Space + course. Another option is to choose the one that is the complete pack consisting of the rental of the cardioprotected space with a duration of 36 months and an approved qualifying course for 8 people.

    • For 4 more installments (40 months) the customer will receive a gift: 1.500 Lifeguard bracelets from Kukuxumusu and 1 exhibitor.


Contact us without obligation for more information on the 900 670 112 y
we will offer you a personalized and complete advice, so that you can successfully hire defibrillators in our trustworthy company, such as Proyecto Salvavidas.

In this document you will find a lot of information regarding the rental of defibrillators. We recommend that you consult it so that you can see exclusively all that we offer and be clear about what we mean when we name, for example, the “pack showcase called 112”.

More than 11.500 clients endorse us

Companies such as McDonald's, Ford, Alliance, Adif, Mercedes Benz, among others, have chosen us as a distributor of defibrillators. They have been working at the front as many years trustworthy company y leader in defibrillators. We always work side by side with our clients to offer the best options.

Contact now without obligation. We guarantee that we are the best alternative in relation quality-price, at the height of the quality service that we offer at all times, of the seriousness, confidence and trajectory of the Lifeguard project.

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Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.

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