Cardio vending = Vending + Defibrillator

Cardioprotection of companies and entities

Defibrillators for companies and entities | Cardiosure Vending

With the consumption in the vending machines of your workplace, you are helping to maintain a defibrillator that can save the life of a colleague, friend, client or your own.


Our Cardio Vending a formula "without investment" to cardioprotect companies against sudden death 


Our "Cardio Vending" is a free service made available to companies. It must be taken into account that in our country 100 people die a day from cardiac arrest. And where do we spend most of our time? Yes, at work, in the company, the sports club, in the university, in port air facilities and a long list of spaces where we stay for part of the day.

For this reason, the intention of this initiative is "Help companies in their cardioprotection, services and installations of DEA defibrillators in companies with which cardio insure employees, customers and visitors", explains Matías Soria (Deputy Director of the Lifeguard Project).

Vending with DEA ​​defibrillators for companies and entities 

Our "Cardio Vending" includes everything you need to meet the premise of becoming a healthy cardioprotected company. A company that cares about the health and well-being of its employees, a company that deals with first aid training. Business models are constantly evolving, what cannot be denied is that the trend points towards the humanization of companies. A company that is perceived as ethical and reliable will always be a benchmark company.

Defibrillators for companies 

A defibrillator is a good for people who form, work or visit the company | Vending Cardio Insurance 

 “In addition to consuming healthy products and eating a balanced diet, you can save lives thanks to the defibrillator. A defibrillator is not a good for the company or entity, the beneficiaries are all people who can suffer a cardiac arrest ”.


If you already have vending machines contracted with your vending provider, you do NOT need to change the vending machine, and it also does not cost the company.


With this initiative of Cardio Vending we want to make it very easy for companies, our formula for the cardioprotection of companies by subsidizing the defibrillator, the training of employees and the maintenance of the AED with the consumption in vending machines.


New campaign to promote Cardio Vending for companiesTo know more about our service and special features of the vending, contact us through our chat, or if you prefer send us a mail 


Together we save lives! We speak?


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Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.

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