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External defibrillators


Publicado and DECREE 78 / 2017, of 12 of September, of the Council of Government, by which regulates the installation and use of external defibrillators outside the sanitary field and its Registry is created. 

Article 3 

Spaces required to have a defibrillator:

They will be obliged to have at least one defibrillator in suitable conditions of operation and ready for immediate use the following spaces or places:

  • a) Large commercial establishments, individual or collective, whose commercial display and sales area exceeds 2.500 m2.
  • b) Airports.
  • c) The following transport facilities: bus and railway stations in
    populations of more than 50.000 inhabitants, metro, rail and bus stations with an average daily influx equal to or greater than 5.000 people.
  • d) Public establishments, with a capacity equal to or greater than 2.000 people.
  • e) Establishments dependent on the Public Administrations in towns with more than 50.000 inhabitants and with an equal or higher average daily influx
    to 1.000 users.
  • f) Sports facilities, centers or complexes in which the number of daily users is equal to or greater than 500 people.
  • g) Hotel establishments with more than 100 beds.
  • h) Educational centers.
  • i) Work centers with more than 250 workers.
  • j) Residential centers for the elderly that have at least 200 resident places.

Article 7 

Interveners: - Who can use them?

1 External defibrillators may use health personnel and technicians in health emergencies.

2 The defibrillators may also use all those persons who are in possession of the minimum and basic knowledge necessary for this, after carrying out a training program whose minimum content shall, at least, be that established in the second additional provision of this Decree.

3. In the case of an exceptional situation in which it is not possible at that moment to have a person with the necessary training or qualification for the use of the defibrillator, the emergency service through the 112 telephone can authorize any other person to use the defibrillator. the handling of the defibrillator, maintaining the service of the process at all times.

For more information, you can access the BOCM by clicking on the following link: https://www.bocm.es/boletin/CM_Orden_BOCM/2017/09/14/BOCM-20170914-1.PDF

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