Herrera del Duque cardioprotected municipality

Installation of 8 defibrillators DEA DESA

Herrera del Duque is already a cardioprotected municipality with 8 defibrillators

The Town Hall of Herrera del Duque installs DEA defibrillators in buildings and facilities of the municipality to adopt the corresponding measures and make the municipality of Badajoz a cardioprotected place.

In the municipality of Herrera del Duque, a cardioprotection system has been installed that meets the requirements of the external defibrillator regulations. Saturnino Alcázar Vaqueiro is presented with the "Cardioprotected Municipality" plaque, which accredits Herrera del Duque as a cardio-safe population against sudden death.

Once a municipality becomes a cardioprotected space, the chances of survival after suffering a cardiopulmonary arrest increase from "4% to 30%."

8 Zoll AED Plus defibrillators have been installed in the different buildings and facilities of the town hall, and more than 60 people have been trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques taught by our trainer Jorge Martín to deal with a situation of cardiorespiratory arrest effectively.

This favors the dissemination of the municipality which gives a shorter response time for incidents of this type.


The municipality of Herrera del Duque installs 8 DEA DESA defibrillators 


If the heart has abnormal heart rate or rhythm, the blood stops being oxygenated, the organs begin to fail, and brain death occurs within minutes. A cardiac arrest is something that anyone can suffer, at any time and in any place.



Therefore, it is important to be aware of the importance of using the defibrillator and to know how to act when someone is suffering from cardiac arrest.

When a cardiopulmonary or cardiac arrest occurs, blood stops reaching the brain and death occurs in a few minutes. Something that can be avoided with defibrillation equipment and minimal knowledge.

Every minute that passes during cardiac arrest the survival rate is reduced by 10%.

80% of cardiac arrests occur outside the hospital, so having adequate training and the installation of defibrillators is of vital importance. A cardioprotected space, as the municipality of Herrera del Duque is now, is prepared to help a victim of cardiac arrest by assisting in the chain of life or chain of survival.



These minutes prior to the arrival of healthcare personnel are of crucial importance to avoid death or minimize brain damage caused by the lack of oxygen in the brain. 


Certification of cardioprotected spaces with AED defibrillators 


To obtain it cardioprotected space certification It is necessary to have the health requirements that ensure that the victim of a cardiac arrest can receive health care while the ambulance arrives:

  1. Have approved defibrillators with CE marking.
  2. All defibrillators must be correctly installed and marked according to the ILCOR standard. 
  3. Have a maintenance service with an annual calibration certificate complying with the ISO 9001 quality standard.
  4. Personnel trained and approved according to the regulations of the corresponding autonomous communities.
  5. Have all the elements required by the autonomous community.
  6. Have a certain number of defibrillators that allow action with a response time of less than 5 minutes.


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