The Alta Fit cardioprotected gyms

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Last September Proyecto Salvavidas signed a collaboration contract with the chain of low cost gyms AltaFit in order to install defibrillators in all its centers and train its employees and its management.

As indicated by José Antonio Sevilla, AltaFit's General Director, the agreement highlights how important it is not only to have defibrillators in sports facilities and train employees, but also to make users and society aware of the need to lead healthy life habits.



With this agreement, Proyecto Salvavidas has gone on to install semiautomatic defibrillators for non-healthcare use in AltaFit centers and to train its employees in BLS and DESA management, so that in case of cardiac arrest of a user, it can be rescued as soon as possible. possible. But in addition to the cardiopro

tección we want to go further and reach prevention fostered healthy lifestyle habits such as sports and a balanced diet.

The practice of sport is a very important habit, but it is advisable to do it by implementing a training plan that allows us to gradually improve our physical condition without over stressing our body and our heart, so whenever possible it is interesting to go to a sports center or personal trainer to help us implement this plan. The sports center should have not only professional trainers but also personnel prepared to attend in case of emergency or emergency and material to be able to attend these situations.

Food is another key factor in maintaining optimal cardiovascular health, not only helping to control our weight within healthy margins, but also controlling blood sugar and cholesterol levels to stay within optimal limits. established and that keep us away from heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and other pathologies. Adopting a Mediterranean diet that consumes vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grazes, blue fish, olive oil and quality meats, we will help our body to function perfectly.



If you want your gym or sports center to be cardioprotected, contact us without obligation. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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