COFEMA safe cardio company with defibrillators

Defibrillators of the Lifeguard Project

Installation of defibrillator and training on its use in COFEMA

The Lifeguard Project continues to install defibrillators throughout the Community of Aragon, we continue to train people for their use and this time in the COFEMA company in Zaragoza.

Safe cardio company with the installation of an external defibrillator

Today, the company COFEMA of Zaragoza already has its defibrillator in the facilities of Casetas and with the staff of the company trained in Basic Life Support and use of the DEA / DESA defibrillator to be able to use it if necessary. The social and business responsibility of COFEMA of the FERRALIA Group

COFEMA of GRUPO FERRALIA conceives social and business responsibility as a strategic value of its growth. Due to the activity of the business group, the nature of the projects it develops and the clients with whom it collaborates represent an important driver of social and economic development. There are many projects in which GRUPO FERRALIA collaborates, with which it intends to contribute to the social progress of the communities where it operates.

COFEMA a company committed against sudden death at work

The Ferralia Group committed to the well-being, safety and health of its employees, and external workers who are present in the offices and the production center of the Casetas de Zaragoza during the working hours, have an external defibrillator against sudden death , a safe cardio company with its human team trained in the use of the defibrillator.



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Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.

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