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Interview on External Defibrillators

Escola Sant Josep

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Interview of the Escola Sant Josep in Radio Star Terrassa - Defibrillators

The last 11 of May, Aprovita, collaborators of the Lifeguard Project, invited guests by the ESCOLA SANT JOSEP DE CALASSANT, to Radio Star Terrassa in the 100.5 FM, where they talked about the participation of the School in the sale of bracelets to achieve this way. Cardioprotected.

Diego Rodríguez, the president of Aprovita, a collaborating entity of the Lifeguard Project in Terrassa, attended this meeting.

In this meeting also attended the students of 5 º Course together with Meritxell, his tutor, and were delighted with his radio speech and also showed their excitement at the participation in the Lifeguard Project, wearing their bracelets.

The ESCOLA SANT JOSEP DE CALASSANT de Terrassa and its director, Angele, are determined to make their school un cardioprotected center and to be able to install a defibrillator in the center. We wish you good luck and we hope that you will get it soon.

We also leave you the audio file through which you can listen to the interview and that is from minute 44'38 ”.

We encourage you to listen to it!


 If you want to make your center a cardioprotected Space with the sale of bracelets, do not hesitate Call the 900 670 112 for free. 

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