How CPR is done correctly

Video tutorial of Noemí Ruiz at Atresmedia

How to do a CPR correctly

Tutorials Commitment Atresmedia and Noemí Ruiz teach us CPR

The Atresmedia Commitment and the actress Noemí Ruiz give us a practical demonstration of how to correctly perform CPR on a victim due to cardiorespiratory arrest. 

A video tutorial in a relaxed format with which we can save lives, we just have to learn some maneuvers and some times as Noemí Ruiz explains.

Noemí Ruiz and Atresmedia committed against sudden death

The actress Noemí Ruiz from the hand of Compromiso Atresmedia, gives us a practical demonstration of how to correctly perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers. She worked in nursing for some time before working on Televión, an artist who knows cardipulmonary resuscitation in a video tutorial for the resuscitation of a victim who does not breathe. Undoubtedly a video tutorial with much art and salt shaker that helps spread the message that installing defibrillators and know how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers saves many lives. Approximately in Spain 30.000 people die a year by sudden death. 

Atresmedia collaboration and the Lifeguard Project 

The Lifeguard Project collaborates with Atresmedia and Constantes & Vitales in the dissemination and awareness of the importance of installing defibrillators in all areas of society, training in the event of sudden death. Any technical and human support that we can provide from the Lifeguard Project is little, commitment to initiatives that save lives, initiatives that make every day more people know how to perform CPR or use a defibrillator.




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