Update of the standard on defibrillators in Navarra

Decree 6 / 2019 expands the spaces required to install defibrillators

Updating of regulations on the use and installation of defibrillators in Navarra

After almost a year since the presentation of the draft of the new regulations on the use and obligation to install defibrillators from the Autonomous Community of Navarra.

This Monday 18 of February has been published in the Official Gazette of Navarre the Decree that updates the regulation of everything related to public defibrillators. The 6 / 2019 FORAL DECREE, by 30 for January It brings important and very positive variations with respect to the previous decree that has already been repealed.


The Regional Decree 6 / 2019 requires now to have a public defibrillator in the following spaces in the Autonomous Community of Navarra

In this new update of the regulations on external defibrillators of the Autonomous Community of Navarra, important news about the spaces required to have a defibrillator for public use is collected.


1. They are required to have a defibrillator business establishments have a Commercial surface useful superior to 2.000 square meters.

2. The new decree requires the installation of a public defibrillator in shopping centers constituted by a group of commercial establishments located in one or several connected buildings, which add a useful commercial area greater than 2.000 square meters.

3. The Airports they are required to have public defibrillators.

4. The Train stations and buses of populations of more than 10.000 inhabitants they must also have an external defibrillator

5. The new decree obliges the schools with teaching staff, not teaching staff and students superior to 700 people to install a defibrillator

6. The work centers or spaces in which they work together more than 700 people. Navarre companies with more than 700 workers are obliged to install external defibrillators in their facilities.

7. Sports centers such as sports centers, swimming pools and any sports or recreational facility with authorized or planned capacity greater than 500 persons, they are also required to install a public defibrillator.

8. Are required to install defibrillators establishments, facilities or spaces in which shows, cultural or recreational activities with authorized capacity greater than 700 persons are held.

9. Includes this obligation to install defibrillators to any other space or facility whose capacity is greater than 700 people.

10. The municipalities and towns of Navarra obliged to install public defibrillators are the towns that have Local police, municipal agents or sheriffs will have an AED that must be carried at least in an operative patrol vehicle. In locations with more than 10.000 inhabitants, a defibrillator will be available in the 50% of operational patrol vehicles.

11. This new regulation includes the Provincial Police of Navarra that will have a defibrillator in at least one of the operative patrols dependent on the Central Police Station of Pamplona, ​​and the police stations of Alsasua, Elizondo, Estella, Tafalla, Sangüesa and Tudela.

12. The geriatric residences and day centers for seniors with disabilities of more than 100 places are required to install an external defibrillator DEA / DESA.


What training does a person need to use an automatic defibrillator?


An important fact is that any facility that has to have a defibrillator, must ensure that "there is at least one person trained during all hours of operation of the same."


What does this mean? We will give an example:

If there is a defibrillator in an educational center with teaching staff, not teaching and students over 700 people (mandatory since this Monday), whenever there are classes, meetings or extracurricular activities in the facilities, must be present at least A person who knows how to use an AED (Recommended 2 people for obvious reasons).


What is the training for the use of defibrillators?


Persons who are authorized to use a defibrillator must pass a theoretical-practical course of a MINIMUM OF 6 HOURS OF DURATION (This reduces in 2 the hours that had been imparted since the decree of the year 2011) and the passing of two exams: one theoretical and one practical, as had been done to date.

The main novelty is that the Regional Government, gives the possibility that the theoretical hours 3 can be made of TELEMATIC FORM.

Logically, the practical part must be done in person, taking advantage of this minimum of 3 hours to settle concepts and perform simulations of Cardio Respiratory Stop, Choking and use of defibrillation equipment.


Is recycling necessary?

Yes, it is still mandatory, but what changes is the duration of the training:

We went from 4 training hours every 2 years to 2 TRAINING HOURS EVERY 2 YEARS.


An important fact that always goes unnoticed: Who can impart this training?

"DEPENDENT TEACHERS OF THE GOVERNMENT OF NAVARRE, PUBLIC OR PRIVATE ENTITIES OR PEOPLE WHO MEET THE REQUIREMENTS ESTABLISHED IN THE FORAL DECREE." That is to say, entities authorized by the Provincial Government for training on the use of a defibrillator. (The Salvavidas Project is approved to teach these trainings throughout Spain).


How long must this decree be fulfilled?


The Government has established a period of 6 MONTHS so that this regulation is standardized, so that the deadline for compliance with this legislation will be the 18 of AUGUST OF THE 2019.


Curiously, on the same day that this new regulation was published in the Official Gazette of Navarre, the Local Police of Pamplona saved the life of a man of 33 years, thanks to the fact that they had a defibrillator in their vehicle. (https://www.noticiasdenavarra.com/2019/02/19/sociedad/navarra/un-milagro-a-tiempo-en-la-calle-san-anton)


Defibrillators save lives .. Keep one close and learn to use it!


Jorge Garcia

North Zone Lifeguard Instructor

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