Update of the standard on defibrillators in Aragón

Decree 30 / 2019 expands the spaces required to install defibrillators

Updating of regulations on the use and installation of defibrillators in Aragón

The community of Aragon updates the regulations on the installation and use of external defibrillators, recommending and forcing the installation of public and private defibrillators in spaces such as 

shopping centers, airports, train and bus stations, schools and educational centers, sports areas and swimming pools, requires having a defibrillator in companies, public spaces, geriatric residences and hotels, in this update of the standard they must also have a defibrillator in local police vehicles.


New Decree 30/2019 that regulates the installation and use of defibrillators in Aragon


30 Decree 2019 / 12 of 2019 of February of XNUMX, decree of the Government of Aragon with which updates the regulations on public and private defibrillators, decree with which regulates the use of automated defibrillators (AED) outside the health area in the whole community of Aragon. This decree repeals the previous ones and adds some obligations with respect to the previous one.
The object remains to regulate the requirements for the installation of defibrillators outside of the sanitary field, to mark the communication procedure of their installation, as well as the requirements for the use of them and the accreditation of the training entities.


The new regulation of Aragon emphasizes the importance of training for the use of defibrillators

This norm expands, with respect to the previous one, the profiles of those who are trained for the use of AEDs, adding to the list in addition to doctors and nurses who have the degree of technician in health emergencies or a series of units of competences that certify the training in the handling of these equipment, as well as to the non-sanitary personnel trained in SVB and DEA by accredited entities following the program established by the decree itself.

Regarding training, it maintains similar characteristics to the previous norm, giving as a novelty more importance to the practical part in the sessions both of the initial courses and of the subsequent renovations.


Spaces required to have a defibrillator in the Community of Aragon

The most notorious aspect is found in the section on installation of defibrillators, since in addition to recommending as the previous decree, this time it adds a series of spaces in which a defibrillator will be mandatory.

Some of these spaces are:

  • Large commercial areas with more 2500 square meters.
  • The airports.
  • Train and bus stations located in towns with more than 25000 inhabitants.
  • The educational centers, sports areas and swimming pools with more than 300 people of capacity,
  • Workplaces with more than 250 workers.
  • Public centers with capacity greater than 500 people.
  • Residences with more than 200 beds.
  • Hotels over 100.
  • Local police patrols.

Finally, it clarifies the details of the documentation to be delivered to register the installation of a new defibrillator or the modification of an existing one, and adds some details such as the location in a visible and accessible place, the signage of the defibrillator, etc. In addition to also referring to defibrillators that are on public roads or in vehicles.

In short, this decree is one more step in the race against cardiac arrest for the Autonomous Community of Aragon, which continues to expand the previous regulation to add aspects that did not appear previously or qualify existing ones to continue in the fight of cardioprotection.

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