Antibiotics and sudden death

Azithromycin increases the risk of cardiac arrest

One of the most consumed antibiotics increases the risk of cardiac arrest

In the United States, researchers at Vanderbilt University have discovered that there is a risk when consuming an antibiotic, azithromycin. 

The study concluded that in the first five days after taking this antibiotic, the probability of suffering cardiovascular death is more than doubled.

This is used to treat bacterial infections, sexually transmitted diseases and skin infections, hatreds, lungs, etc. These types of medications are known as macrolide antibiotics. It is the most popular treatments to fight bronchitis and sinus bacteria. 

In the study, this antibiotic was compared with one that qualifies as safe for the heart, amoxicillin. The number of deaths was low compared to this other antibiotic, 47 more deaths were identified. While in patients with a high risk of heart problems, this figure increased to 254 deaths.

Thanks to this study, additional information was added so that patients with high cardiac risks chose alternative antibiotics.

Azithromycin is an antibiotic that increases the likelihood of suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest

As we have mentioned, azithromycin is associated with severe cardiac arrhythmias. When prescribing azithromycin, you have to be very careful and assess the potential benefits and risks for the person who will consume it.

This medicine is well known, since in childhood it is used in excess, it is known as the "three-day" antibiotic. It receives this name, since its dosage is very simple, the child simply has to consume 1 dose every 24 hours. It is highly valued by parents, since it differs from antibiotics that must be consumed every 8 hours, since it provides simplicity and carefree, since it is not necessary to administer it during school hours.

Remember that azithromycin was designed to treat some infections, but not for those caused by viruses, such as a cold, runny nose or cough. Today, antibiotics are overused at younger and younger ages.

For this reason, we want to end up remembering that azithromycin is an antibiotic with very clear indications, both in pediatrics and for use in adults. The prescription must be appropriate according to the type of patient.


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