Fines for not having a defibrillator

The Government of Aragon can already sanction for breaching the rule

Aragon, the sanctions for breaking the regulations on external defibrillators come into effect

News about SANCTIONS in the community of Aragon on the breach of the regional regulations on external defibrillators DESA throughout the territory of the community.

Sanctions for breaching the regulations on DESA defibrillators in Aragon

Decree 31 / 2019 of 31 of February contemplates that as of today 21 of August of 2019 is, SANCTIONABLE by the Inspectors in Working Irrigation of the Government of Aragon the absence of defibrillation devices (DESA) in the places described in the Decree and that is attached in this link. Obligation to have and maintain DEA defibrillators in public and private spaces such as: 

  • Large commercial areas with more 2500 square meters.
  • The airports.
  • Train and bus stations located in towns with more than 25000 inhabitants.
  • The educational centers, sports areas and swimming pools with more than 300 people of capacity,
  • Workplaces with more than 250 workers.
  • Public centers with capacity greater than 500 people.
  • Residences with more than 200 beds.
  • Hotels over 100.
  • Local police patrols

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