Defibrillators in football fields throughout Spain

Cardioprotection of soccer fields

AFE delivers 617 defibrillators to football clubs

Today 12 of April of 2019 takes place the act of the first delivery of defibrillators DEA to the soccer clubs of First, Second, Second B and Third Division masculine and feminine.

The AFE begins in the Community of Madrid the campaign to deliver defibrillators for football fields, the place chosen for the delivery event of the defibrillators is at the CEMTRO Clinic in Madrid, and are present among other personalities, Mr. David Aganzo ( AFE board of directors), Doctor Pedro Guillén and Doctor Antonio López Farré.

AFE delivers 617 defibrillators to football clubs throughout Spain

The Lifeguard Project is the company chosen by AFE to supply external defibrillators and carry out training on CPR and the use of the defibrillator. The AFE closed the purchase of defibrillators for 617 changing rooms and cardioprotect more than 12.000 soccer players. Training carried out in the clubs included in the cardioprotection campaign, and will be practical courses on cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers and the use of defibrillators, training for workers and employees of sports facilities.

What is AFE?

AFE stands for Association of Spanish Footballers, and is an association created in the year 1978 to the service of the collective of soccer players and that promotes their union, watches over the normal development of its sport race and later labor promotion, defending and guaranteeing the labor rights, economic, formative, social, present and futures, transmitting sports values ​​to its members and society. Among the components of its board of directors is Sergio Busquets or David De Gea among other great footballers.


The defibrillators supplied are the Zoll AED Plus, a 4th generation semi-automatic external defibrillator

The ZOLL AED Plus is the only external defibrillator equipped with Real CPR Help technology, an external defibrillator that helps you perform high-quality CPR. Therefore, it makes it the defibrillator that works for all cardiac arrests (those with a shockable rhythm, those that need a "spark" and those that are not shockable). Thanks to the sensor of the pads, it provides information to the device about each chest compression and informs the rescuer if it has done well. The defibrillator guides the rescuer using prompts and a real-time gauge bar to achieve the recommended compression depth and rate. 


Delivery of the defibrillators to all the clubs of First, Second, Second B and Third Division both male and female, today delivered defibrillators of clubs of the Community of Madrid.


We carried out a demonstration of the use of defibrillators and CPR maneuvers, explanations and characteristics of the defibrillation devices supplied.


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Read here the press release of the AFE

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