The Colexio Santiago Apostol Soutomaior de Pontevedra cardioprotected

Colexium cardioprotected with Zoll AED Plus defibrillators

The Colexio Santiago Apostol Soutomaior de Pontevedra cardioprotected

The APA of Colexio Santiago Apóstol Soutomaior de Pontevedra cardioprotects its classrooms with the installation of a DEA DESA defibrillator, installation of the defibrillator and training carried out by the Lifeguard Project.

Address quotes "We are pleased to inform you that our educational center is as of today, December 9, 12 a center with the certification of (cardio-protected center). Today, anti-choking devices were installed in the dining rooms of the center, and the defibrillator, which we hope never has to be used. The courses are also being taught, to eight people, (teachers and center staff) for their correct use, and with their respective certificates, as trained personnel and act for their use. "

The board of directors of the school continues to invest in the safety of our children, and we are proud to have this certification of cardioprotected school, as well as being one of the first educational centers in Pontevedra, in the installation of these devices in the school.

Needless to say, this is the work of each and every one of the families of our association, who, thanks to their annual fees, make this type of initiative possible.

Ending the statement saying: I hope we never have to use these devices, but if unfortunately it is necessary, we are prepared. We will never tire of repeating it!

The Lifeguard Project committed to teaching, we have exclusive special formulas for educational centers with which to obtain a defibrillator at the lowest cost or investment. Request more information in our chat or general contact.

Source: Texts extracted from the Facebook post made by the Santiago Apostol Soutomaior school in Pontevedra

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