The BeOne Granada Gymnasium trains its employees in BLS and CPR

Cardioprotection of sports facilities

The BeOne Granada Gymnasium trains its employees in BLS and CPR

Be familiar with the defibrillator and have knowledge of basic life support and chain of life It could save the lives of those around you. You never know when you might need one.

A few months ago, in Fuenlabrada, Madrid, a gym worker saved a client's life thanks to the correct use of the defibrillator. Ana was working in the gym when she was told that a client was unconscious and not breathing. His quick action and his knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation allowed Julio to survive a sudden cardiac death event.

The great physical efforts directly affect our heart, giving the possibility of being able to suffer a cardiorespiratory arrest. Gyms are sports spaces where a great physical effort is usually made in addition to having a high influx of people. In short, these are places where the possibility of suffering a sudden death episode increases.



In Spain we have around five million people who are members of gyms. That is why it is so important that sports facilities have semi-automatic external defibrillators and personnel trained in basic life support (BLS) and AED. When a cardiorespiratory arrest occurs, every minute counts. After 10 minutes, if the victim has not received any type of assistance, the most normal thing is that brain death occurs.

Last Friday, September 10, it was held at the BeOne Granada gym training for CPR personnel and the use of the external defibrillator. Thus complying with the cardiosecurity regulations to protect the gym from sudden death. Previously, the installation of a semi-automatic defibrillator Zoll AED Plus.           


Sports facilities and cardioprotected gyms with the Lifeguard Project

Just as important as the installation of the external defibrillator in the facilities is that the working personnel are adequately trained in BLS and CPR. With this training, those who spend the most time in these spaces, which after all are the employees themselves, are able to pay the first attention to the possible affected until the arrival of emergency services



BeOne Granada is a gym aware of cardiosecurity and the fight against sudden death. Its sports facilities have the corresponding sanitary measures to make the gym a cardioprotected place.

The BeOne Granada gym places its trust for the cardioprotection of workers and clients to Proyecto Salvavidas. We are the leading cardioprotection company for Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Colombia. We have been in the sector for more than 12 years with more than 19.000 defibrillators installed.

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