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Vedruna Inmaculada Sabadell School

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The Vedruna Inmaculada Sabadell School joins the Lifeguard Project

Since the AMPA Vedruna Inmaculada Sabadell and with full support from the management of the center, have recently joined the Lifeguard Project by selling wristbands with great success.

From the Ampa they told us that "We are a small school, with only one line, and located in a humble neighborhood of Sabadell, in Catalonia, but we have high expectations and we know that we are going to achieve it" and is that effectively both families and the center itself are making a great effort to get the center is cardioprotegido,"100% involvement".

We also like to highlight that this will be a benefit for the entire neighborhood, because they will have a cardiac rescue point in it that can benefit, if necessary, any neighbor thereof, so it is important that we all contribute our granite of sand for this initiative.

"We believe it is very important to have our children cardioprotected, especially in a space like the school, where they spend more than half of their day, so we must be prepared for a sudden death or cardiorespiratory arrest."  And we can not be more in agreement with them, and that is that, although a defibrillator is a device that we wish never to use, it should always be present within the prevention policy of any public or private center. 

In order to achieve their goal as soon as possible, they are organizing all kinds of things so that anyone who wants to can collaborate in an easy and accessible way. plans to sell snacks organized by 4º of ESO and Saturdays in after-school parties, in addition to display in some daddies stores "

We love to read that there are families and centers so involved because we are sure that the operation of them is exceptional in all areas, so from here we thank you for your participation and we encourage you to move forward with your goal.

Thank you very much for trusting us!


And if you are an educational center and want to receive more information about the Lifeguard Project call free to the 900 670 112. 

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